Chaheati 7V Portable Heated Seat Pad - Heated
Chaheati 7V Portable Heated Seat Pad - Front
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Chaheati 7V Portable Heated Seat Pad - Chair
Chaheati 7V Portable Heated Seat Pad - Size
Chaheati 7V Portable Heated Seat Pad
Chaheati 7V Portable Heated Seat Pad
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Chaheati 7V Portable Heated Seat Pad


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The Chaheati 7-volt Rechargeable Battery Heated Seat Pad is the versatile heating pad you've been looking for! The Universal Shape Fits On Any Chair And Just About Anywhere Else you can think of.

The lightweight portable design and 2 powerful heating elements let you decide where to bring the heat. 

 Use the Chaheati Heated Seat Pad while you're sitting on the sidelines of all your spectator sports, inside a sleeping bag on a frosty night, or anywhere you want to keep the chill away! Just pop in the powerful 7V Rechargeable battery, select from one of three heat settings, and enjoy the heat for hours. 



1. Charge Up - Fully charge battery with the provided charger.

2. Plug-In - Connect the battery to plug located in the pocket.

3. Turn On - Press and hold the touch-button for 3 seconds, or until the LED light turns on. 

4. Warm Up -  Press button 1-3 times selects desired temperature setting.



- Multi-Purpose Design For Portable Rechargeable Warmth On The Go

- Lightweight Universal Shape Fits On Any Chair Or Anywhere You Want To Keep The Chill Away

­­- 2 Powerful Heating Elements 

- 3 Temperature Settings

- Touch-Button Temperature Control     

-‘Ghost Mode’ Makes Led Lights Disappear While Heat Stays On!

- Up To 7 Hours Of Continuous Warmth

- Cozy Layer Of Heat Trapping Insulation (120g)

- Machine Washable 

- Includes Rechargeable Battery & Charger 

- Ideal To Use At Home Or At The Office, Sporting Events, On Long Car Or Plane Rides, While Hunting Or In Your Sleeping Bag While Camping.



High/Red – 130°F for 2 Hours

Medium/White – 115°F for 3 Hours

Low/Blue– 105°F for 7 Hours



* Color of LED Lights = Current Temperature Setting 

Red = High, White = Medium, Blue = Low

* Number of Illuminated LED Lights = Remaining Battery Life

4 LEDS = 100%, 3 LEDS = 75%, 2 LEDS = 50%, 1 LED = 25%

Press button 1-3 times select desired Heat setting.

Click the “Ghost Mode” switch, located on the side of the button to turn the LED Light off or on while maintaining your current heat setting.



(1) 7.4 Volt Battery Powered Portable Heated Seat Pad

(1) 7.4 Volt 5000mAh Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery

(1) Wall Charger

(1) Instruction Manual



Heated Seat Pad - 25” L x 14” W (19.5” W Including Battery Pocket area)

Heating Elements (2)- 6” x 6.5” 



Exterior Shell: 35% Polyester, 65% Nylon

Lining: 100% Polyester

Insulation: 120G-100% Polyester

Heating Element: Composite fiber


Voltage: 7.4 Volt

Capacity: 5000mAh 

Core: Lithium-Polymer

The majority of Chaheati products are shipped from Ohio, ensuring speedy delivery to all locations across the United States & Canada


Built-In Heat Panels

Chaheati uses innovative technology to warm your core body temperature with built-in heating panels that provide lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility.


Heat Reflective Technology

Chaheati uses FAR infrared heating technology to warm core body temperatures with a soft, flexible material that provides hours of comfort and warmth.


Slim Rechargeable Batteries

Chaheati uses powerful 7V and 12V batteries that are slim and safety tested.

Don't take our word for it


Perfect my my kids soccer games when it's a bit chilly outside!


Philadelphia, PA


Camping is much more delightful using the Chaheati Chair. Best investment ever!


Iowa City, IA


No more cold butt! So toasty and a perfect gift idea!


Nashville, TN