The Patented Heated Chair


It is a cold November night sitting around a bonfire. A husband watches his wife comically frustrated from repeatedly sitting, standing, and turning towards the fire to warm up. He knew there must be a better way to stay warm and comfortable while sitting outside in frigid temperatures.

And thus, Chaheati was born!

From this simple innovative thought, the patented Chaheati camping chair was created to solve this problem.

In 2021, with respect and admiration for the creators, Chaheati found a new home. Paying homage to the past, and with a vision of an extended, versatile line of heated seat options, Chaheati is being reborn into an updated assortment of chairs, pads, throws, and more to come!


Patented Technology

From design, to technology Chaheati is the ultimate heated seating and accessories brand.


Chaheati® looked to the extreme outdoor sportswear industry to develop its heating system, meaning that it’s lightweight, efficient, and powerful.


The chaheati carbon fiber heating panels are encapsulated with an advanced thermal seal that provides durability and moisture protection


The Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair is designed with comfort and durability in mind — the seat is over-sized and weight-tolerant to accommodate any body type.