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Chaheati at the Soccer Game

In the United States, the roots of soccer run through cities like Fall River, Massachusetts; Harrison, New Jersey; and St. Louis, Missouri. Those roots have effectively spread far and wide across the country. For many youngsters these days, cool and crisp autumn days are synonymous with getting out on the soccer pitch and kicking the ball around. And of course, that means that parents are bound to get involved, even on the coldest of days.

Like American football, soccer games are played both during the day and at night, and they typically occur during the fall and winter. Sometimes those games get awfully chilly, leaving some parents slightly less excited about their son or daughter’s game. What they need to heat up their enthusiasm is the Chaheati heated chair!

With four convenient heat settings and up to six hours of rechargeable battery life, cheering you kids at the soccer game is easy and more comfortable. The Chaheati is also extremely portable, making it easy to carry around or store in your vehicle when taking the kids to the soccer game. Simply put the chair and battery in the included carrying case and away you go. At game time plug in the battery: within 20 seconds you’ll have a fully-heated chair and a more enjoyable soccer experience. Watch your son or daughter compete without having to compete with the cold. Need some heat? Have a seat with Chaheati!