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Chaheati Journey Blog: China Trip

What an amazing, wonderful experience! Kyle and I headed to our Trading Company in Shenzhen, China in early January. Our action items included product redesign and improvement, product development and to meet our team.

Our team escorted us all week and treated us like a King and Queen. We should have learned more Chinese. Only about 1% of the 14 million residents of Shenzhen speak English. We had quite the language barrier challenge. What saved us numerous times was my iPhone App, Mandarin.

The people of Shenzhen are so kind, intelligent and welcoming. We always felt save and welcome. If you travel there, make sure you ask about their culture and listen to their stories. You will learn so much and show them so much respect. Also, you will want to brush up on their language and know more than the basics. In future journey blogs, I will speak of our experiences from no toilet bowls/seats like in the US to the food and beverages.