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Chaheati Journey Blog: China Food and Beverage

Regarding food and beverage, the food is NOT like your local Chinese Restaurant. The food is Cantonese so no egg rolls or crab rangoon. We primarily ate Cantonese with the exception of some Japanese. We went from beginner chopstick users to expert users in a week! Most places we went were chopstick only but you could ask for silverware if you knew how. The napkins were more like beverage napkins or moistened towels. I love the moistened towels though but I can’t imagine all the laundry.

As for beverages, we drank a lot of hot green tea which was wonderful. The water actually came hot as well. We only received cool water if we bought bottled water and only saw soda in vending machines. They will sanitize their bowls, chopsticks and spoons in their hot tea. Their popular beer was really good and I unfortunately forgot the name of it. We learned at our first lunch with our team that they love to do “Cheers” and they did it about every 10 minutes, lol.

We loved the food and drinks but when we got to Hong Kong, we spent $100 on 2 Angus Burgers and 3 Ice Teas!! We were craving them after a week.