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Your Guide to a Weather-Defying Outdoor Superbowl Tailgate Party


Whether you’re in Phoenix or Philadelphia, the ‘polar vortex’ has chilled everything down just a bit this year, driving would-be tailgaters indoors (and inspiring this ‘masterpiece’.) Lucky for you, Chaheati is here to save the day! We’ve assembled the definitive guide to an outdoor party in colder climes. You can thank us now– you’ll be too busy later, accepting high-fives and basking in the glow of your post-game awesomeness.

Watching the Game

Obviously, if you don’t have a massive, all-weather tv setup, you’ll need some other way to broadcast the game. Smaller pop-up screens can work well with a decent projector so everyone has a good view of the commercials game.

Don’t forget about seating! No one wants to sit on your milk-crate-and-plywood benches, no matter how reminiscent of your favorite college bleachers. Plan ahead for some comfy seating. Natch, we recommend the full line of Chaheati heated camp chairs. Already have camp chairs? Now you can heat them too! Our new Heated Add On converts your chair into a pocket of cozy comfiness for maximum game enjoyment.

Food and Beverages

Second only to the actual televised event is…food! Tailgating outside in winter requires a little more planning than a crudite tray, but it can also be waaay more yummy. Consider slow-cooker meatballs and keep hotdog buns in a makeshift ‘heater’ for an easy meatball sandwich. Chili is a perennial fave- kick it up a notch with a hot sauce sampler.

Although the die-hards will still want a cold beer, your other guests will appreciate some warm beverage options. Haul out your crock pot for some hot buttered rum or go family-friendly with some white hot chocolate.

On the Sidelines

There are always a few party guests who don’t understand Superbowl etiquette. They talk through the commercials, want you to explain basic game rules, and are clearly only ‘here for the beer’. Providing alternative activities is a great way to accommodate these guests and enjoy the game properly.

Basket-pong brings everyone’s favorite party game to wherever the party is happening, and ensures that no one will pull a hamstring lugging the big pong table around. For the under-21 crowd, printable football bingo is sure to score the extra point.

So sit back (in your warm Chaheati chair, of course), relax, and enjoy the game. Your epic outdoor tailgate is about to begin!

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The Boys of Fall

I love this time of year.  School is back in session and the kids are excited looking forward to a new school year.  Well, perhaps there are those few who are dreading it.  Doesn’t summer vacation always seem so short!  But, I’m sure that they are looking forward to the upcoming fall sports activities.  I know it’s not “officially” the fall season, but it has always been my mindset that when school starts, it is.  And all across the country, the fall season is synonymous with F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L.

Most high schools have already had their first few football games of the season. We’re definitely looking forward to this coming Friday’s game!  Sometimes, I think it is the parents who look forward to those Friday night high school football games.  It reminds us of simpler days when we were younger. We were looking forward to Fridays when we could hang out with our friends and go to the varsity football game.  These days, we look forward to it because we’re proud of our kids.  If you have a son who plays football, I am sure you are very proud of him.  If you have a daughter or son who is a cheerleader, I am sure you are cheering along with them.  We are their biggest fans!  We see the team practice out on the field at least four days a week.  We can hear the coaches pump up our boys.  We see the cheerleaders perfecting their pyramid and the “fliers” fly higher to show off their skills.  (Competitive cheerleading is a big sport in the cities where I have lived).  The kids love their sports.  They want to make us proud.  They want to make their hometown proud.  We get the team pumped up when we fill their high school football stadium and cheer them on.

I sometimes watch football practices and cheerleading practices.  I enjoy hearing the sounds around me — the school band, the kids, and the nature.  I bring my bottled water, a snack, and my Chaheati™ chair.  It’s a perfect item to have especially for this time of year.  The Chaheati™ is a cordless, lightweight, collapsible, heated chair you can take anywhere.  Its rechargeable heating system has four settings and provides up to six hours of heat.  It is also water resistant.  It’s great!  Don’t have one yet… Don’t let me stop you grab one

I love fall.  It is beautiful for all it has to offer — the weather gets cooler, the leaves start changing its colors (depending in which part of the country you live), the early sunset, a new school year, fall sports, and the upcoming holidays.

I am looking forward to our own hometown Friday Night Lights, cheering on our Boys of Fall and keeping warm in my Chaheati™ chair.